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Other Tournaments

April 9th-11th: Prep Hoops (Girls)

May 1st-2nd: Evolution 

May 8th-9th: Pace Setter Sports (National Level) 

May 22nd-23rd: Wisconsin Rap

May 28th-30th: Prep Hoops (Boys)

June 4th-6th: 1on1 (Mary Nellen)

June 11th-13th: Next Level Basketball

June 26th-27th: Impact (Scott Witt)

July 2nd-4th: 

July 17th-18th: 1on1 (Mary Nellen)

July 30th-31st: Impact (Scott Witt)

August 7th: Next Level Basketball

August 14th: Next Level Basketball

August 20th-22nd: 

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